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Best Steps To Fix QuickBooks Error 12057 In Payroll


Sometimes a user tries to update the QuickBooks software or QB payroll service. Then QuickBooks error 12057 frequently appears. The current version of QuickBooks enables you to use the program’s increased capabilities. But, several technical issues may prohibit you from updating the payroll service. We will discuss this in this article. Additionally, you’ll be able to fix the QuickBooks error code 12057 like an expert. So read this blog post all the way through.

What Is QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Update Error 12057?

QuickBooks desktop payroll update error 12057, associated with the error code series -12000. It indicates that a user is having difficulties upgrading the QB Desktop/payroll service. Misconfigured system files are one of the most frequent causes of registry error codes in the system. It encourages errors when updating software. QB error codes 12007, 12009, 12030, 12064, and several others help identify more QuickBooks payroll update issues.

Businesses use QuickBooks to manage employee payroll all over the world. Every time there is a new release, it’s best to update the payroll service. So that users can access the latest services. However, users occasionally might be unable to do so due to QuickBooks Error 12057. Either updating QuickBooks payroll or the QuickBooks application itself causes this problem.

Causes Of QuickBooks Error Code 12057

Different payroll problems in QB occur due to various factors. Such as third-party security applications. The list of potential causes for QuickBooks error code 12057 is below-

  • When Intuit Payroll servers do not answer QuickBooks Payroll Requests.
  • QuickBooks and Intuit servers are unable to communicate.
  • Internet connections that have timed out have unpredictable response times.
  • Online data packet Lost- When data travel across a network. But never arrive at their destination.
  • A server’s response to a request from a device takes longer than usual (the operation time out).
  • Your computer’s security software or firewall is obstructing communication.
  • Network SSL configuration settings that are incorrect.
  • The HTTP, FTP, and Gropher initialization of the WinInet API fails.

Other QuickBooks 12000 Series Errors

Payroll Update QuickBooks Error 12057 and other QuickBooks 12000 series errors are among many errors. These can occur if WinInet API is not used to access Standard Internet Protocols. Especially for updating and downloading QuickBooks. These could be-

  • QuickBooks Error 12001 – 12007
  • QuickBooks Errors 12008 – 12164, 
  • QB error 12666 to 12173, etc.

Steps To Fix QuickBooks Error 12057

The steps to fix QuickBooks Error 12057 are as below:

Step 1- Adjust SSL settings

You can change your SSL configuration to ease downloading QuickBooks payroll updates. Remember that the modifications would apply to your system settings. So they would impact all other apps. The steps you must take are as follows:

  • The Run window will appear when you press Windows + R.
  • Enter after typing Control Panel.
  • Select Internet Options from the list of Network and Internet Options.
  • Scroll down in the Advanced menu.
  • Locate and mark the Use the SSL 2.0 and 3.0 boxes.
  • Now click Apply, and after that, click OK.

Step 2: Configure the Internet Settings on your computer

  • Shut down or close QuickBooks.
  • Launch or activate Internet Explorer.
  • Access Internet Options under Tools.
  • Select Advanced Now. Scroll down in the Security group.
  • Click the “Check for server certificate revocation.” And “Check for publisher’s certificate revocation” buttons. Use them to remove the checkmark.
  • Reopen Internet Explorer after closing it.
  • Reduce the size of Internet Explorer.
  • Reopen the QuickBooks program.
  • Try updating payroll once more.

Complete the procedures mentioned above. Then check the internet connection outside of QuickBooks. You may do so by opening a web browser or visiting a website you don’t frequently visit. If you cannot view a website or web page, your Internet connection is the source of the issue, not QuickBooks. If you can see the website, take the following actions:

  • Go to QuickBooks’ “Help” menu and select “Internet Connection Setup.”
  • Connect this application connects to the Internet. Then select “Use my computer’s Internet connection settings.” Now create a connection. Choose “Next”
  • Navigate to ‘Advanced Connection Settings.’ Select “Advanced.”
  • Make sure you tick the Use “SSL 2.0” & Use “SSL 3.0” choices by going to the “Security group.”
  • Select “OK.” Choose “Done.”
  • Check your firewall settings and internet security.

Step 3: Check your Internet connection

To communicate with the Intuit server, you must have a dependable Internet connection. Check to see if your Internet connection is reliable.

  • Open up QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Select Internet Connection Setup in the Help menu.
  • Check the box next to “Use my computer’s Internet connection settings. It establishes a connection when an application accesses the Internet” to confirm your selection.
  • Click Next, then click Done.
  • Go to the next solution if the QuickBooks error 12057 still occurs.

Step 4: Synchronise your clocks using the Internet Time Server

Using Microsoft Windows, you can set your machine up to synchronize your date and time preferences with an Internet server.

  • Open the Control Panel>click the Start icon on your Windows desktop and type it there.
  • Then find Date & Time and click on find.
  • Select the Internet Time tab, then select Change Settings.
  • Put a checkmark next to “Synchronise with an Internet Time Server.”
  • Update QuickBooks Desktop now if you can. The next step should be to try if you are still receiving the QuickBooks error 12057.

Step 5: Install QuickBooks and Microsoft updates

  • Shut down any QuickBooks-related software.
  • Shut down QuickBooks.
  • Update the “Microsoft Windows Operating System.”
  • If your computer doesn’t restart automatically when the installation is complete. You may click “Restart” manually.
  • Launch QuickBooks, then select “Help.”
  • Choose “Update QuickBooks desktop.”
  • Screenshot 1: Update QuickBooks Desktop
  • Check the “Yes enable QuickBooks Automatic Updates” box on the “Options” page.
  • Select the “Update Now” tab after clicking “Mark All,” then click “Get Updates.”
  • Await the conclusion of updates.
  • After the updates are installed, close the QuickBooks.

Step 6- Fix QuickBooks Desktop Installation

  • Press Windows + R, then type appwiz.cpl into the Run window’s text box.
  • Click OK, then look for QuickBooks in the list of programs by scrolling down.
  • Click QuickBooks twice, then choose Repair.
  • Restart Windows after the application is working again. Then attempt to update Payroll once more.

Step 7- Run QuickBooks as an Administrator

  • You’ll find User Accounts while opening the Control Panel.
  • Select Manage User Accounts from the list of user names. Then see if your account has administrator access.
  • Restart your computer if your account does not have administrator rights to operate Windows. Then sign in with a different account, and then try updating your Payroll.
  • Launch QuickBooks as an administrator. You may right-click the QuickBooks Desktop icon and choose Run as Administrator.

What To Do If You Still Experience QuickBooks Error 12057?

Contact the QuickBooks support team if the QuickBooks Error 12057 continues to occur. Or, you can reach a qualified team of specialists immediately. Besides, we have a skilled team on hand to address any of your QuickBooks-related problems. You can get help for installation errors, update errors, data recovery issues, and more.

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