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Fix QuickBooks Error 12006 (A 12000 Series Error Codes) 


The 12000 series error codes, including 12006 errors, usually occur when Windows Internet Connectivity errors have arrived from the Microsoft Win32 Internet application programming interface (WinInet API). In addition, 12000 series errors appear when QB’s WinInet API tries to access standard protocols like Gopher, FTP, and HTTP. So when you try to download or update QuickBooks, QuickBooks error 12006 appears. To understand the causes and solutions of this error in more detail, read the complete article.

What Is QuickBooks Error 12006?

If you are failing to update QuickBooks, you might be experiencing QuickBooks error 12006. This QB error arises when the internet connection is not working correctly. Unfortunately, Internet interruption can occur due to many reasons. And as QuickBooks needs access to the Internet to function properly, check if your internet connection is working or not. Updating QuickBooks with a secured network connection will probably complete the process of updates. 

List Of 12000 Series Error 

If you are experiencing problems while downloading or updating QuickBooks, you might be facing 12000 series errors. These errors could be- 

Error 12001 to 12006

If the update on your QuickBooks desktop fails to complete, first make sure your internet connection is working correctly. If anything isn’t functioning properly, fix it first, then attempt the update again later to see if the issue has been resolved.

Error 12007

When a user tries to install/update the QuickBooks desktop or attempts to make any modifications to the QB payroll service function, QuickBooks Error 12007 occurs. The incapacity of your PC to access the internet connection is another potential cause of this issue.

QB Error 12008 throughout 12164 

QuickBooks can’t finish this update. Instead, make sure that the Internet connection is functioning correctly, and then try refreshing later to see whether the problem has been resolved. See Solving problems with QuickBooks payroll update.

QuickBooks Error Code 12052

The QuickBooks error code 12052 is a cryptic error message that signifies that QuickBooks is unable to download updates due to a network problem. Your web association may be the cause of these errors. Try sending in experimental mode to see if you can identify the QuickBooks issue.

QuickBooks Error 12057

Due to a bad network configuration, QuickBooks could have trouble connecting to the Internet. Error 12057 is displayed by QuickBooks as a result of several internet connectivity problems, such as incorrect Internet Explorer settings.

Error 12152

The most common cause of QuickBooks Error 12152 is a problematic Internet connection setting that prevents the software from connecting to the servers and causes issues with updates.

QB Error 12157

When updating QB Desktop to the most recent maintenance release, Error 12157 may occur. The mistake might be caused by a variety of variables, including incorrect application installation or problems with data connectivity. As a result, you might be unable to take advantage of QuickBooks Desktop’s enhanced capabilities as a result of the mistake.

Causes Of QuickBooks 12000 Series Error

There could be numerous reasons for the QuickBooks 12000 series. But for QuickBooks 12006 errors, it’s usually the internet problems. These are the other possible causes-

  • The primary cause of Payroll software’s inability to access an internet connection.
  • QuickBooks Download is impacted by the programs that are installed on the computer. This covers firewalls, antiviral defense, and many other things.
  • This happens when the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) checkbox in Internet Explorer’s options is not set or when Internet Explorer is not the default web browser.

Methods To Fix QuickBooks Error 12006 

You can try the below methods to fix QuickBooks 12000 error codes, including QuickBooks error 12006-

Step 1: Configure Internet Settings

  • Select Help > Internet Connection Setup in QuickBooks.
  • When this application connects to the Internet, select Use my computer’s Internet connection settings to access a connection. Choose Next
  • If a second box for the Internet settings does not appear. Select Control Panel under Start.
  • Click Internet Option twice.
  • To access advanced connection settings, click. Tap on the Advanced tab.
  • Scroll down to the Settings window’s bottom. Check to make sure that both the Use SSL 2.0 and Use SSL 3.0 choices are chosen.
  • Select OK. Select “Done
  • Retry the update.

Step 2: Restore Advanced Settings

  • Open the IE browser outside of QuickBooks Desktop to restore the advanced settings.
  • Internet Options can be found under Tools.
  • Select the Advanced Tab.
  • Select the option to restore advanced settings.

Step 3: Check your settings and connectivity

  • The user must first determine whether they can visit a secure website other than QuickBooks, such as the sign page of the banking institution.
  • It is advised to ask your IT expert for assistance if access to such a protected website is not occurring.
  • Check the SSL configuration now.
  • After that, confirm whether Internet Explorer is the default browser or switch to another one.
  • Examine Internet Explorer’s settings.

Step 4: Set Internet Explorer’s preferences

  • Close the QuickBooks desktop application and launch Internet Explorer on your computer.
  • Next, select Tools and then Internet Options.
  • Select the Advanced tab now.
  • Then, with your mouse over the Security group, click to deactivate the checkbox for Check for the revocation of the publisher’s certificate as well as the server certificate.
  • Now quit the browser and launch Internet Explorer (IE).
  • Afterward, launch the QuickBooks desktop.
  • Finally, attempt payroll updates once more.

Still Facing QuickBooks Error 12006?

We have covered the possible causes and solutions of QuickBooks error 12006 in this blog. You will get rid of this error by following these steps. Still, if you are still facing problems while updating or downloading QuickBooks, you can reach out to our QB helpline number. Our team of experts will help you get over this error and solve all your QuickBooks-related queries. You may also reach out to QuickBooks helpline number to call and talk to one of their professionals.

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