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Fix QuickBooks Error 12008 | QuickBooks 12000 Series Error


No doubt QuickBooks is the best accounting software out there. But sometimes, users may experience some glitches and errors like QuickBooks error 12008. Unfortunately, users fail to update QuickBooks due to this error. QuickBooks error 12008 occurs when QuickBooks can’t access the internet. However, troubleshooting error 12008 is easy. You can find the best troubleshooting techniques to rectify this error, in this article.

What Is QuickBooks Error 12008?

Talking about QuickBooks error 12008, it is a 12000 connectivity series error. If the QuickBooks desktop update process is unable to complete, then this error can be the reason. The primary cause of this error is an unstable internet connection. A bad connection leading to this error prevents QB from downloading updates. So before moving forward, check if your internet is working well or not.   

Other 12000 Series Error 

There are several errors in the 12000 connectivity error series. QuickBooks error 12008 is one among them. Let’s look at the other 12000 series error one by one-

12001 Through 12006

QuickBooks error code 12001 through 12006 also interrupts the update process. And the main reason for this error is when the internet connection is not working as required. Secure a stable internet connection, and you’ll get rid of this error.

Error 12007

QuickBooks error 12007 appears on the screen when QuickBooks can’t access an IP address for a server. To fix this, you should call your internet setup company to resolve this issue.

12008 Through 12164

If you’re experiencing QuickBooks errors 12008 through 12164, you won’t be able to complete the update process. We will discuss the troubleshooting step for these errors below in detail.

Error 12052

This is known as an unspecific QuickBooks error that doesn’t allow QuickBooks to download updates. But, just like the above errors, its cause is also a connectivity problem.

QuickBooks error 12057

The error code 12057 indicates that a user is experiencing problems updating QuickBooks Desktop or the QB payroll service. And one of the most frequent causes of registry error codes in the system, which encourage errors when updating software, is misconfigured system files.

Error 12152

The user may see QuickBooks Error Code 12152 and its unique error message if they have trouble connecting to the software because of Internet connectivity or software settings. This is due to the user’s inability to connect to the web server hosting the most recent updates.

Error 12157

When the software is updated, QuickBooks Error 12157 occurs. The most common causes of Error Code 12157 are improper date/time settings, internet connection issues, etc.


QuickBooks error 12165 also is a sign that there is some problem with your internet connection. It arises when a user tries to update QuickBooks to the recent updates.

12166 Through 12173

Because of these errors, updates cannot be completed on QuickBooks Desktop. So verify the functionality of your Internet connection before updating again to determine if the issue has been fixed.

Methods To Solve QuickBooks Error 12008

You can resolve connectivity issues and get rid of QuickBooks error 12008 with some easy steps. These are the step-by-step solution to follow-

Step 1: Check your settings and connectivity

  • The user must first determine whether they can visit a secure website other than QuickBooks, such as the sign page of the banking institution.
  • It is advised to ask your IT expert for assistance if access to such a protected website is not occurring.
  • Now check the SSL configuration.
  • After that, confirm whether Internet Explorer is the default browser or switch to another one.
  • Examine Internet Explorer’s settings.

Step 2: Examine the Internet Explorer (IE) Preferences

These issues may also be caused by the settings you have for Internet Explorer. Follow these instructions to restore Internet Explorer’s default settings:

  • You must first close the QuickBooks desktop application before opening Internet Explorer.
  • To access the Internet Options, select Tools.
  • Make sure the security setting for this is no higher than medium-high after selecting the Security tab and tapping the Globe icon.
  • Select the Content Tab next, and make sure the Content Advisor button is set to Enable. If it isn’t, click the button, enter your password, and then turn off the content advisor.
  • Make this choice on the Connections Tab.

Step 3: Restore the Settings for Internet Explorer

  • If the system’s dial-up node (DUN) is not something you use, choose Never Dial as a Connection.
  • If the dial-up node (DUN) is utilized, make sure the appropriate ISP is chosen. Then press the OK button.
  • LAN Settings are located at the bottom of the tab; click on it. Verify that the automatically detect settings checkbox is selected.
  • When there is a checkbox next to Use a Proxy Server, make sure it is not selected.
  • And note the IP and port. is never UNCHECK. If the port is something other than port 80, use a proxy. Uncheck the box that says “Use a proxy for testing” if the port is 80.
  • Now tap on the LAN Settings Screen.
  • On the Advanced tab, choose.
  • Select Restore Advanced Settings from the menu.
  • Use TLS 1.0, Use TLS 1.1, and Use TLS 1.2 options can be found by scrolling through Settings.
  • Next, make sure Use TLS 1.0 is selected.
  • Check to make sure that Use TLS 1.1 and Use TLS 1.2 are not checked.
  • To close the Internet Options, click OK now.
  • After that, shut down Internet Explorer as well.
  • Restart the computer.
  • Open QuickBooks now, and try updating once more.

Other Methods To Resolve QuickBooks Error 12008

Following the above solutions will help you get rid of this error. If you still can’t update QuickBooks, then you can try a few other things. For example, you can try restarting your computer. And you can also install QuickBooks in the selective mode. Hopefully, these solutions will help. Contact our team of professionals or QuickBooks helpline if you have any queries.

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