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How To Send A Mass Email From QuickBooks 2015 (Steps)?


Many QuickBooks users have this query about how they can send a mass email from QuickBooks. Sending an email to all customers at once makes it easy for businesses. So yes, QuickBooks users are allowed to send a mass email from QuickBooks. It can be helpful to send invoices to clients, do other transactions and send and receive reports. However, some users find it difficult to set up an email service. In this article, you’ll learn how to set up the QuickBooks email service on the QuickBooks desktop.

Steps To Set up QuickBooks Email Service on QuickBooks Desktop

You need to set up your Microsoft Outlook profile before you move forward. If you already have an existing Outlook profile, you can use it. Otherwise, you will need to set up your QuickBooks email service. For this, you’ll need-

  • Outlook username and password.
  • Incoming mail server address.
  • Outgoing mail server address.
  • Incoming mail server type.

If you lack these details, call your Internet Service Provider and ask them for more information.

Procedure to Set up QuickBooks Email Invoices in Outlook and Webmail

You need to create an outlook profile to complete this procedure. First, you need to set up an outlook in the QuickBooks desktop. Then do the following in exact order-

  • Start with filling in your username and password.
  • Now set up the incoming mail server address.
  • Then fill in your outgoing mail server address.
  • As the last step, put your incoming email server type.

Note 1: Ensure the passwords on your Webmail and QuickBooks desktop are different. Because you may get a message stating that your password is incorrect if you are logged in as your QuickBooks desktop and then try to send email too. You need to set up a password for your webmail account.

Note 2: If you can’t find Outlook in QuickBooks desktop, follow these steps-

  • Go to QuickBooks Edit menu> then click on Preferences.
  • Choose the option Forms> now select Outlook and click Ok.

Procedure To Set up QuickBooks Email Invoices in Web Mail

You might need to sign into your webmail account in hosted environments like the right network in order to send emails using the QuickBooks software. For this, follow the below steps-

  • Get in touch through Secure Webmail.
  • Select Preferences from the QuickBooks Edit menu, then click Send Forms.
  • Select WebMail, then click Add.
  • Enter your email address here.
  • Check the box next to “increase the security.”
  • Click OK.
  • After the Login Page displays, log in.
  • Allow access to Intuit.

Your (ISP) internet service provider decides the Webmail servers and port parameters. For typical providers like Gmail, Yahoo, and others, QuickBooks can automatically supply information. If you use different emails, you can customize your email service provider. However, before configuring Webmail in QB Desktop, make sure you confirm this with your ISP. Now do as below-

  • Navigate to the QuickBooks Edit menu.
  • Select the option ‘Edit’ and then Send Forms.
  • Now click on Webmail and then choose Add.
  • Input the login credentials.
  • Click Ok to save.

Some webmail providers like Yahoo and Gmail use two-step verification. Otherwise, QuickBooks takes your password the first time you use regular Webmail to send an email.

How To Send Emails By Batches from QuickBooks?

Through QuickBooks, you can easily send invoices or any other emails to your customers in batches. Here is how to do it-

  • Tap on the Customers option in the middle of the top. 
  • Now select the Income tracker.
  • Tap on the Arrow of the Batch Actions at the lower left and select Choose Email.
  • After this, go to File>then print Forms.
  • Finally, Invoice the email them by batch.


We hope you know how to send a mass email from QuickBooks and can set up email services in QuickBooks. In case you have any further queries, we are available to help you around the clock. QuickBooks online helpline is also there to assist you at any process step. 

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