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Import QuickBooks Desktop To Online In Most Possible Way

So we hope that these steps mentioned in this article can help you import QuickBooks Desktop To online.

QuickBooks is important software that is required to be as accessible and handy as possible. Import QuickBooks Desktop to Online if you want to access your accounting software from anywhere. The whole process of switching is very simple and you can get it done without losing any data. We will guide you as to how you can get it done without any trouble- 

Things you should know before converting QuickBooks desktop to online

Many business owners find that switching from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online is beneficial, but there are a few things to consider before doing so. Despite the fact that we rated QuickBooks Online as the best small business accounting software, QuickBooks Desktop has a few distinct advantages over QuickBooks Online. For experienced bookkeepers, QuickBooks Desktop is usually faster, has more inventory management options, and can report estimated vs. actual job costs. If you’re not sure whether QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop is right for your company, read this post thoroughly till the end.

Wondering how to import QuickBooks desktop to online? Here are the all possible solution

FeatureAvailable in QuickBooks DesktopAvailable in QuickBooks Online
Allows multiple system usersAll editionsOnly available in Essentials and Plus
Manage multiple companiesAll editionsOnly with an additional subscription
InvoicingAll editionsAll editions
Progress invoicingAll editionsOnly available in Plus
Multiple currencyAll editionsOnly available in Essentials and Plus
Project trackingAll editionsOnly available in Plus
Manage billsAll editionsOnly available in Essentials and Plus
Batch invoicingAll editionsNot available
Prevent sales customers with a past due balanceOnly available in EnterpriseNot available
Undue previous bank reconciliationsAll editionsOnly available in QuickBooks Online Accountant and must be done by an accountant
Track billable hoursAll editionsOnly available in Essentials and Plus
Online bankingAll editionsAll editions
Average costing inventory managementAll editionsNot available
FIFO inventory managementOnly available in EnterpriseOnly available in Plus
Forecasting income and expensesOnly available in Premier and EnterpriseOnly available in Plus
Custom reporting with Intuit Statement WriterOnly available in EnterpriseNot available  
Advanced reportingOnly available in EnterpriseNot available

Although some features in QuickBooks Online are named differently and may not work exactly the same as in QuickBooks Desktop, the majority of information from QuickBooks Desktop will automatically transfer to QuickBooks Online. The steps to import QuickBooks Desktop to Online are as follows-

STEP 1: Prepare your desktop file

This is the first step where you need to ensure few things and make your files ready to be converted- 

  • Ensure that the QuickBooks application is updated
  • Make sure your company file isn’t too large to be exported.
  • To find the total target count, open your QuickBooks Desktop file and press F2. If your QuickBooks file has more than 350,000 targets, you can try condensing it to reduce the number of targets. If condensing fails, you’ll have to settle for transferring lists (described later) rather than converting.


  • After signing up for QuickBooks Online, you have 60 days to move a company file.
  • If you’ve already set up payroll in QuickBooks Online, move your lists instead of your company file.
  • Because of feature differences, some of your lists and reports will not be converted.

STEP 2: Import desktop file

Pro or Premier version of QuickBooks Desktop

  • Log in to the company file you want to import as an administrator.
  • Select Export Company File to QuickBooks Online from the Company menu.
  • Start your export by selecting this option.
  • Log in to your QuickBooks Online company as an administrator.
  • If you use QuickBooks Desktop to keep track of inventory, you should:
    • To bring them over, select Yes, then enter the as of date.
    • If you want to create new items in QuickBooks Online later, choose No.

NOTE: Inventory tracking is only available in QuickBooks Online Plus and Advanced. The FIFO method is used in both plans

  • Choose the QuickBooks Online company you want to be replaced by your company file from the Choose online company dropdown.
  • Press Continue
  • Select Replace after typing “Agree” in the text field.
  • Select Yes, then replace the data before selecting Replace.

STEP 3: Make sure your books are in order.

You can check if your import was successful by running one of your financial reports.

  • Run a report, like Profit and loss which is based on accrual basis QuickBooks Dekstop
  • In QuickBooks Online, run the same report on an accrual basis.

If your reports are in sync, you can begin using QuickBooks Online. If your reports don’t match, you should:

  • You can refer back to this guide to see what happened to your data when you import QuickBooks Desktop to Online.
  • Please contact us if you continue to have problems with your reports. We can assist you in contacting our Data Services team to resolve any report discrepancies.

Update Your Bank Reconciliations Process ASAP

Because company information isn’t transferred during the migration, you’ll need to go to Account and Settings and update your information under the Company tab. You should also configure your sales tax information if you pay sales tax.

Banking and credit card information is not transferred to your new QuickBooks Online account for security reasons. Make sure to set up this feature before going live with the system if you want transactions from your bank accounts and credit card statements to be automatically imported.

You’ll also need to update bank reconciliations to make sure they’re up to date with the most recent transactions. To ensure that aging reports are accurate, you should link payments and credits to any open accounts. Finally, if you’re using QuickBooks Online Payroll, you’ll need to go through the payroll setup process before you can use it.

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Now Do Your Work Hassle-free With QuickBooks Online

There’s nothing you can do about your previous audit trail except keep a copy of your desktop version and the data it contains. QuickBooks Online, on the other hand, will provide you with a better audit trail in the future. While you won’t be able to transfer your inventory from a Mac computer, if you have access to a Windows computer, you can do so.

So we hope that these steps can help you import QuickBooks Desktop To online. If you face any trouble while following these steps, you can reach out to our experts at toll free number +1(800)-578-0315 and they will guide you through.

QuickBooks Desktop to Online FAQ’s

Can I import QuickBooks desktop backup to online?

Presently, the ability to import QuickBooks Desktop backup to Online is not available.

What to expect when migrating from desktop to QuickBooks Online? (like what will happen to the existing data in Quickbooks)

Whenever you transfer Desktop to QBO nothing is changed, only your data will be transmitted from the Desktop version to Online.

How long does it take to import QuickBooks desktop to QuickBooks Online?

Migrating QuickBooks Desktop to Online might take up to 30 minutes. You must not close the QBDT until it has completed the migration.

How do I export data from QuickBooks Desktop?

You can use the QuickBooks Migrator Tool to export data from QuickBooks Desktop.

Can you use both QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online?

Users can switch from QBDT to Online and vice versa, and work in only one program instead of both. However, the ability to sync both versions is presently unavailable.

What’s not imported when you move from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online?

Transactions involving three different currency kinds will not be copied to QBO. Also, the transactional data will not be converted.