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Quickbooks Error 108: Why It Occurs & How To Fix It?


When there are technical issues, or because of banking errors, the QuickBooks Error 108 in online banking occurs. Users of QuickBooks frequently experience technical problems and seek assistance. QuickBooks Error 108 is one such banking error. This post may help you resolve this mistake if you are also experiencing it. To determine this mistake and identify its true origins, we have created this page. So, read the post to the finish to learn more about the troubleshooting processes.

What Is QuickBooks Error 108?

A banking mistake is all that QuickBooks Error 108 is. It appears when a specific user logs into the self-employed and online editions of QuickBooks. This clear QuickBooks error message informs that there has been a communication from the bank’s or credit card’s website. This information generally relates to the update or the QuickBooks connection issue. You are strongly advised to read this article if you share this issue. Knowing the causes will make it easier for you to solve the problem.

Causes Of Banking Error 108 Quickbooks

The following are a few of the factors that can cause banking errors 108 QuickBooks online:

  • Your online banking account contains unread messages from your bank about some significant updates they have made to their website or terms of service. These messages may also relate to new promotions or modifications to the rules governing how QuickBooks connects to and obtains data from your banking website.
  • Another factor is a pop-up blocker you’ve added to your browser. Check your antivirus software if your browser doesn’t have a pop-up blocker installed because some packages include built-in pop-up blockers.
  • For security reasons, your bank mandates that you confirm your identity, and you must sign in to your online banking utilizing QuickBooks.

How to identify Quickbooks error 108?

Make a list of any symptoms that may show up so that you can detect the error, such as:

  • The first sign of a problem could be a screen message.
  • The user’s inability to work on QuickBooks may be the following symptom.
  • Or the QuickBooks software window shuts down.
  • Moreover, the PC may slow down.

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How To Resolve Quickbooks Error 108?

After investigating the reasons and symptoms, it is time to understand the quick techniques for QuickBooks Error 108. Let’s examine each method:

Step 1: Turn off pop-up blockers

  • The first step is to “log in” to the bank’s or financial institution’s website.
  • The user must now review all of the notifications and messages. The pop-up blocker may be to blame if the user cannot read the messages. As a result, the user must disable it before checking the news.
  • The next step is to either act on or ignore the communications.
  • After completing the above mentioned procedures, the user must “access QuickBooks Online.”
  • The next step is for the user to navigate to the menu on the left and then pick the “Banking” option.
  • The user must now click “Update” on the Banking page.
  • Lastly, the user must also see if Error 108 QuickBooks is showing up.

Step 2: Examining the Firewall configurations

  • The user must initially login as an administrator on the computer.
  • The user must ensure that QuickBooks is up to date and that they are utilizing the most recent version.
  • The next step is checking the Firewall settings to ensure they do not prevent access to the QuickBooks company file.
  • The user must now review the internet security settings before continuing.

Step 3: Access your bank account online

  • The user must first “log in” to the bank’s website to access the solution.
  • After that, search the download transactions for the “KB information.”
  • Last, the user must activate and run the pop-up blocker while holding down the “Ctrl key.”

Step 4: Launch the system file checker

  • The first step is to select the “Start menu” and then enter “Command” into the search field.
  • After completing that, the user must simultaneously press the “Ctrl” and “Shift” keys before tapping “Enter.”
  • The user will now get a permission dialogue box, and they must select “Yes” in it.
  • The user will then see a black box with a blinking cursor emerge in the next step.
  • The user must then type “SFC/scannow” and touch the “Enter” tab afterward.
  • After completing the procedures mentioned earlier, the “System File Checker” will start the scanning procedure.
  • The final step is to carry out the directions displayed on the screen.

Step 5: Install updates for Windows

  • The ‘Start’ button must be clicked first.
  • The user must now enter “Update” in the search bar.
  • The user will then see a “Windows Update dialogue box” on the screen as they continue.
  • If any updates are available, the final step in this process is to select the “Install Updates” option.

What To Do If These Steps Can’t Fix Error 108 In QuickBooks Online?

The five methods mentioned above can be applied to eliminate the QuickBooks Error 108. The QuickBooks user might use any approach to fix the issue. The user can speak with our QuickBooks error to help technical professionals if a problem arises or if they cannot resolve the error even after using the above procedures. Call our helpline number, and an experienced staff member will be there to help you within one call.

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