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An Easy Guide To Resolve The QuickBooks Error 15103

Error 15103 QuickBooks desktop

This article will provide all the information about QuickBooks error 15103. If you are experiencing this error, you can find the troubleshooting techniques below. When you try to download/install updates for QuickBooks Desktop or payroll service, QuickBooks update error 15103 appears. Because of this error, you might not be able to use the upgraded capabilities of the QuickBooks payroll service. Therefore, troubleshoot this error as soon as you can.

What Is QuickBooks Error 15103?

When a user attempts to update, install/uninstall QuickBooks desktop or payroll updates, Error 15103 QuickBooks desktop appears on the screen. You cannot download the payroll update because of the error; QuickBooks displays the 15103 error QuickBooks desktop update as

 "The Error 15103 update program is damaged, or the update program cannot be opened."

According to this error 15103 in QuickBooks desktop, the update software has been harmed. This error can cause permanent damage to your QuickBooks data. So try to find out what is causing this error and resolve it quickly.

Fix QuickBooks Errors

Causes Of QuickBooks Error 15103

The causes of error 15103 in QuickBooks desktop include the following:

  1. QuickBooks is being blocked by a firewall or other security program.
  2. The version of QuickBooks that you are using is outdated.
  3. The installation of QuickBooks is not done correctly.
  4. The time & date settings on your PC are not correct.
  5. The window’s registry has been damaged or destroyed.
  6. Another possible reason is that the QuickBooks company file is corrupted or damaged.

Methods To Resolve Error 15103 QuickBooks desktop

You can get past the technical annoyance by addressing the potential reasons for error code 15103. You can follow the solutions listed below-

Method 1: Download and run Quick Fix My Program

  1. Get QuickBooks Tool Hub on your computer.
  2. After that, let your laptop successfully install the application.
  3. Click on the Quick Fix my Program link under the Program Problems tab.
  4. Starting it up will take some time.
  5. After everything is finished, reopen QuickBooks Desktop.

Method 2: Use QuickBooks Clean Install

The Clean Install Tool for QuickBooks can help resolve problems with QuickBooks installation and data corruption. Follow the steps-

  1. The QuickBooks Clean Install Tool can be downloaded from the Intuit website.
  2. To launch the qbcleaninstalltool_exe file after the download is finished, double-click on it.
  3. Installing QuickBooks Clean Install Tool is as simple as following the on-screen directions.
  4. After installing the QuickBooks Clean Install Tool, run it and adhere to the on-screen instructions to fix error 15103 in QuickBooks Desktop.

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Method 3: Update QuickBooks

  1. Delete the update and download it once more.
  2. Close the QuickBooks Desktop.
  3. Go to C:ProgramDataIntuitQuickBooksXXComponents (You will find the QuickBooks version here).
  4. For instance, DownloadQB29 means QuickBooks Desktop 2019.
  5. Activate QuickBooks Desktop.
  6. Access Help > QuickBooks Desktop update.
  7. Select “Update Now” (at the top).
  8. select Reset Update from the checkbox. Click on Get Updates.
  9. The QuickBooks Desktop update can take some time.

Method 4: Configure Internet Explorer Settings

  1. Start by opening Internet Explorer.
  2. Select Internet options after clicking the gear icon.
  3. Now select Trusted Sites > Site from the Security menu.
  4. Add the next website now.
  5. Visit or for the US version of QuickBooks.
  6. Click the Close button after that.
  7. Then click OK after choosing the Apply option.

Check to see whether the QuickBooks desktop problem 15103 has been fixed. If the error persists, try the following method.

Method 5: Reinstall QuickBooks with Selective Startup

  1. A Run box will appear when you simultaneously press the Windows and R keys on your keyboard. Type MSCONFIG into this box and then click OK.
  2. A selective startup should be selected under the General tab, and do not tick the option to load startup items.
  3. Then press OK.
  4. Whenever prompted, select Restart Now. 
  5. Reinstall QuickBooks Desktop after uninstalling it

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Method 6: Install a certificate for Digital Signature

  1. Find QuickBooks by going to C: Program FilesIntuit.
  2. Right-click QBW32.exe and choose Properties.
  3. Make sure Intuit is selected in the signature list by going to the Digital Signature menu.
  4. Choose Details.
  5. Click View Certificate in the Digital Signature Details window.
  6. Select Install Certificate from the Certificate window.
  7. Until Finish is visible, select Next
  8. Next, click Finish.
  9. Switch off your computer.
  10. Redownload the update after opening QuickBooks.

Method 7: Use the Reboot.bat file

  1. QuickBooks needs to be closed down.
  2. Double-click Reboot.bat on the server where QuickBooks is installed.
  3. Once the file has been executed, QuickBooks will restart automatically.
  4. You can manually restart QuickBooks by heading to Start > Programs > QuickBooks > QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions Server Edition if it doesn’t start automatically.
  5. Try opening your company file once more once QuickBooks has been restarted to determine if the error 15103 QuickBooks desktop is still present.

Need Help Fixing Error 15103 QuickBooks Desktop?

You can resolve errors using the troubleshooting procedures outlined in this post. Call us for QuickBooks error assistance if you have trouble understanding any techniques. With rapid and painless troubleshooting solutions, our specialists will help you resolve QuickBooks error 15103. If you need further help, you can also connect with the QuickBooks helpline to fix this error.


How to Handle QuickBooks Company file issues?

Many users have queries about company file issues. This may seem frustrating, but resolving company file issues is relatively easy. For example, you can try the Data Repair Services tool that scans the company files for errors and problems to find the reasons behind the issue and solve them. If you have already tried this solution and could not get rid of the issue, you may reach out to us or check other posts on our site.

List other QuickBooks 15000 Series errors.

There are many errors in QuickBooks 15000 series errors that appear while updating QuickBooks. These are-

  • 15103
  • 15104
  • 15105
  • 15106
  • 15107
  • 15223
  • 15240
  • 15271

Mention Possible causes of QuickBooks 15000 Series Errors.

QuickBooks can often face difficulties with the QuickBooks 15000 series. QuickBooks 15000 Series Errors could have several causes, such as:

  1. A malware or virus infection.
  2. An improper QuickBooks installation.
  3. Hardware or software that is incompatible.
  4. A corrupt or destroyed QuickBooks file.

Why do QuickBooks get frozen sometimes?

QuickBooks can sometimes freeze or crash due to various reasons. These reasons could be 

  1. QuickBooks is facing some errors.
  2. The QuickBooks version is not compatible with your device.
  3. QuickBooks company files are damaged or corrupt.
  4. The QB may be running out of memory.

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