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Understanding the ways to fix Quickbooks error 213


Quickbooks error 213 is a one of the technical issues that the users have been facing while using their application. This error shows on the screen due to the corrupted or damaged company file. This issue immediately shuts down all the major accounting operations that can be performed using Quickbooks. Due to this problem, you are technically not able to work on even the important things. So, let’s quickly have a look at the solutions that will help in eliminating this problem, if and when it arises.

What is Quickbooks error 213?

Quickbooks error code 213 is a technical glitch or error that users face when the company data file gets damaged in any way. The most common reason why people face this error is because of duplicate “QBWin.log file”. Apart from this it can also happen when you import a transaction from any other company file or application. A lot of people face this problem and we have some quick and easy solutions that will help you in this condition.

What can cause Quickbooks error 213?

If you are noticing the error message of Quickbooks error 213 it can be due to multiple reasons. So, before preparing to troubleshoot this error you need to find its root cause. 

  • If your Window registry is improper.
  • When there is a list of duplicate or damaged files
  • If a record from the registry gets deleted, it can also evoke QB error 213
  • Inaccurate passageways are determined of all the non-existing jobs that are not in-line with the group rule.

Solutions to fix Quickbooks error 213

While carrying out your regular work on QB, if something like this happens, you have a lot of problems even performing the regular tasks. Therefore, try out these solutions to fix the QB error code 213.

Solution 1: Open the QB log file in the Quickbooks desktop

Try fixing Quickbooks error 213 by opening the log file of Quickbooks in the Quickbooks application. Here is how:

  • Launch your Quickbooks application and then press “F2”. This will open the Product Information window on your screen.
  • Now you will have to press the “F3” key that will open the Tech Help window on your screen.
  • Next you will have to open “File Tab” and then select “QBWin.log”
  • You can also locate the “QBWin.log file” by navigating through the path “C:\Users \USER NAME \AppData \Local \Intuit \QuickBooks \log \XXX\”
  • When you locate the “QBWin.log” file, “double-click” on the icon and open it.

Solution 2: Locate and Rename the duplicate entry in QBWin.log

Once you have located the duplicate entry in “QBWin.log”, try renaming it to fix Quickbooks error 213.

  • After locating the log file, click “Ctrl+End” to reach the end of the file.
  • Then “Ctrl+F” which will open a search bar on the page. 
  • You will have to write “duplicate” in the search bar and click the “Enter” button.
  • After locating the file, just rename it and run the Verify Data utility to check whether there are any more duplicate entries or not.

Solution 3: Try using a patch to fix Quickbooks error code 213

Another way to deal with Quickbooks error 213 is to download and apply a patch file. These are the steps to be followed.

  • For this, first login to your device as an administrator and download the patch file.
  • Then save the file at a location which is easy to access and extract from.
  • Before proceeding, make sure that all the details you have are correct and then double-click on the file to start the extraction process. 
  • While executing this step, if the file closes you will get an automated closing command in front of your screen.
  • Now all you need to do is run the application. With the patch file in place, there are high chances that the Quickbooks error code 213 will not be showing anymore.

Solution 4: Reinstall the Windows on your device to fix Quickbooks error 213

To start with just try reinstalling your Windows because it is easy and can fix the Quickbooks error 213. We suggest that while carrying out this entire process, you take the help from an IT professional or get it done by Windows. 

Also, you should take a backup of your HDD because many times the local drive gets cleared completely. And that should not be your case. 


Time and again there have been people who have faced the Quickbooks error 213 due to different causes but the ones discussed above are the most common ones. So, when you face this issue in future, try out these solutions to get out of the situation as soon as possible. And for better assistance you can connect with our technical experts. 

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