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Undo Bank Reconciliation in QuickBooks [Step-By-Step Guide]

Are you planning to undo bank reconciliation QB, but having trouble in completing the steps? This post can help you to get all your queries related to bank reconciliation in QuickBooks answered. Reconciling your bank or credit card account in QuickBooks can trigger your business growth in umpteen ways. However, there are multi-faceted reasons due to which you need to undo bank reconciliation in QuickBooks. It can be an ambiguous transaction that you need to do for which you want to undo the bank reconciliation. In this blog, we will dig deep to know the steps that can help you to undo bank reconciliation in the QuickBooks Desktop application.

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In which instances You Have To Undo Bank Reconciliation In QuickBooks?

The below-stated instances will let you know why you need to do undo bank reconciliation in QuickBooks, even after having its multitudinous advantages in your business accounting:

  • An unexpected error in the accounting reconciliation when done improperly.
  • On seeing an ambiguous transaction, you may need to undo bank reconciliation QB.
  • Incorrectly documented payment data.
  • When the data in the bank statement is recorded incorrectly.
  • You need to undo Bank Reconciliation QB, when a reconciliation seems forceful or inappropriate.

What Are The Benefits Of Reconciling Your Account In QuickBooks?

If you are a QuickBooks user, you might have the curiosity of knowing how to set up bank reconciliation in QuickBooks so that you can undo Bank Reconciliation QB. The below- mentioned steps will make you well versed with this thought, and in future, you can easily reconcile bank accounts.

  • The user without any trouble can quickly determine the fluctuations that occur in the income.
  • It may help you to stop any fraudulent activity carried out by your employees, vendors, etc.
  • By reconciling your accounts in QuickBooks, you can easily capture the various unseen errors.
  • Added to that, you can instantly take decisive actions if you come across any possible symptoms or signs of risk.

What Are The Steps To Undo Reconciliation In QuickBooks Online Accountant (QBOA)?

If you the thought that, “QuickBooks online won’t let me undo reconciliation,” then you must follow these steps to do the needful:

  • Firstly, you need to open QuickBooks Online Accountant and login as an Administrator.
  • After that, select the company file of the client from the drop-down list.
  • Now, Hit on the Settings icon followed by Tools and lastly Reconcile option.
  • Once you go to the Reconcile an account page, you have to select the option History by an account.
  • To find the reconciliation that you want to undo, choose the account and Report period.
  • Once done, move to the Action column and select Undo and click on Yes.

At last, a final approval window will display on the screen, from the options choose Undo and click on OK.

Here’s How To Undo Bank Reconciliation

Wondering how to undo bank reconciliation? Well, if you have made your mind to undo bank reconciliation QB, then you can follow detailed steps listed ahead.

 How To Undo Reconciliation In QuickBooks Online?

If you are amongst one of the QuickBooks Online users, then you must follow the below-described steps to do QuickBooks Online Undo Reconciliation: 

  • From Banking menu in QuickBooks Online, select Registers
  • When the Register Name drop-down list opens, choose the account with the concerned transaction.
  • After that, select the transaction for which you have to undo a reconciliation
  • Remove letter R, and you will see that the transaction is no more reconciled.

How Do I Undo A Reconciliation In QuickBooks Desktop?

To undo bank reconciliation QB, you must proceed with the below-given steps:

  • In the first place, Sign-in as Windows Administrator and then, open QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Make sure to select your QuickBooks company (.QBW) file.
  • Open Banking menu, search and click on the Reconcile Now option.
  • At last, click on Undo Last Reconciliation and verify if the changes have been applied correctly or not.

Steps To Delete A Reconciliation In QuickBooks

You may also delete reconciliation in QuickBooks if you want. The below-given steps can help you in undo Bank Reconciliation QB:

  • Open the QuickBooks application and click on the gear icon.
  • Then, click on the Reconcile option from under the Tools menu.
  • Select the bank account for which you want to undo the reconciliation.
  • Further, hover your mouse on the reconciliation and click on the Undo option.
  • Click OK on the text message that appears next.
  • Again, Click OK to save the changes that you have made.

 Manually Undo reconciliation In QuickBooks

If you want to manually undo Bank Reconciliation QB, proceed with the below-given steps:

  • Firstly, go to the Charts of Accounts. There, you will be able to see the account history.
  • Once done, take the account that you want to edit and shift to the reconcile status.
  • Also, have a checkmark against your status.
  • Then, you change the status by choosing the top mark.
  • In the end, consider the following abbreviations: blank for neither reconciled nor cleared, c (cleared), r (reconcile)
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We hope the steps mentioned in this blog would have helped you undo Bank Reconciliation QB without much trouble. However, there might be a possibility that due to certain reasons you would still be stuck with the same query. If yes, then we would suggest you get in touch with our experts by giving us a call on QuickBooks Data Repair Services Helpline Number +1(800)-578-0315.